Speaking at Pulpocon 2022 about Edge Computing

Pulpocon is, for me, one of the best conferences in Spain. The level of speakers and attendees is just crazy for a conference located in Vigo-Spain, and I couldn't imagine this conference ten years ago. This year has been challenging for me, and...


Os proxectos de fibra Óptica en Galicia

Nos últimos anos, millóns e millóns de euros foron a acabar as mans das operadoras de telecomunicacións para poder ofrecer conexión de fibra de mais de 100MB. Estas axudas é un plan da unión Europea, que ven dirixido dende a Secretaría de Estado...


Fosdem 2021 review

As every year, the first week of February, Fosdem took place. The conference was online for the first time, and I think that we all missed the rain and the snow. I really enjoyed the conference; it was not the same; also, it was hard to get time...


A smooth move to 4G using Linux

One of the problems that I faced in the past is how I switched from DSL to 4G connection. My primary internet connection is DSL, and things are bad when you try to upload something big or want to do a videocall without issues. I used 4G over the phone …


Envoy WASM debugging with BPFtrace

A few days back, I was checking Envoy performance when WASM is in use. PPROF can be enabled quite easily in Envoy, but I wanted to have less intrusive experience. In the past, to debug things like this I always use Systemtap, (super intrusive)...


My Fosdem 2020 review list of talks

This year I can't attend Fosdem! this, for me, is one of the best conference in the world, so in the following weeks I will catch up with some talks videos, something that I always use to do, but this year I'll make the list public, so people can see …


Kubernetes Network Policies talk at AtlanticaConf19

I had the luck to gave a talk at AtlanticaConf. The topic was about Kubernetes Network Policies and a bit of Istio