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Embedded Rust katas in A Industriosa


Embedded Rust is something that it's taken off over the last months. In February, we will start a Monthly Kata where all of us work on different projects while learning Embedded rust.

For these sessions, there is no need to have prior knowledge, and the agenda for the katas will be like this:

We'll have an introduction and dev environment setup on the first kata. Over the next katas, I'll be the presenter for the following topics, so with a month in advantage; I can prepare the doc/examples, etc. In each Kata, a new topic will be raised to discuss. The pair programming sessions are to have enough time to share/ask/do things with others.

My main goal is that a few have a small project to build. I prefer STM32(ARM) or ESP32 (RISC-V) based projects, so the support is good enough. Regarding peripherals, we have some in the hackspace, but I highly recommend buying all in advance, so it can be easy to do.

All the seasons will be on the third Saturday of the month, and I expect some people to do more pair-programming seasons in the hackspace.


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