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About Eloy Coto

Eloy is a Software Engineer at stealth mode startup, a San Francisco based company focused on network security. Over the last year I also contributed to Cilium, a Kubernetes CNI focussed on performance and security, my primary role in the project is to make sure that Cilium tests are extensive and reliable; over this year I implemented a new end to end test framework that allows Cilium team to test all features in all supported Kubernetes versions.

Before I also work remotely, for a London based startup, Foehn is a company that provides a cloud Virtual PBX system to customers. I was the principal software engineer. I implemented a new CI/CD workflow based on cloud tools (Packer, Terraform, Cloud-init, Consul) on top of VMware cluster, and also did a lot of work related with real-time billing and 3-party integrations.

In my early twenties, I was working for one of the most successful startups in the Galician Ecosystem, Quobis Networks where I was developer and head of support. Furthermore, in IPGlobal I was software engineer in a well-awarded Click to Call service.

I also contributed to multiple open-source projects, in 2014 I did a statsd module for Kamailio SIP proxy; also I made some contributions to others projects, like Terraform, Packer, Govmomi, Firefox Servo, Grafana and many more.

Community activity

VigoLabs meetup group: was a meetup group focussed on electronics and marine technologies. Some local companies struggled to get this kind of engineers, so I started a group to share knowledge, doing networking and make students interested in local companies. The average number of attendees were near 50 people, and a lot of local companies support this meetup.

A Industriosa: due to the traction that Vigolabs meetup group, with a group of people and the support of six companies we started a new electronics laboratory where students can learn from seniors, and seniors have space and tools for side projects. My primary role here was to get sponsors, enhance members and do some workshops.

Rally Organization: When I was in my early 20, I was a member of multiple teams, and we organised rallies near our town, valid for the regional championship and Spanish championship. With more than 300 people involved and a budget over 50K, it was one of my best source of knowledge of diverse team building. Also, to improve the sport that I love, when I was 16 years old (2004), I was running one of the trending rally webpages in Spain (sirally.com) with more than 2000 visits per day.

Past presentations