Statsd talk at Python Vigo Meetup

I had the luck to give a talk to the Python Vigo community. The topic was about how to measure our python applications with few lines of code.

As you know I love statsd, so I spoke about statsd data types, InfluxDB database and Grafana as dashboard.

I wrote a few examples that are available in my Github Profile, so you only need to do the following things to run those services in your server (Disclaimer: You will need docker).

git clone
cd statsd-influxdb-examples

After that, the following services will be listen in these ports:

  • Influxdb: 8083 and 8086 (root/root)
  • Grafana: 3000 (admin/admin)
  • Statsd: 8125

Now you can test with the different python apps that you have in the repo.

Happy code!

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