My Fosdem 2020 review list of talks

This year I can't attend Fosdem! this, for me, is one of the best conference in the world, so in the following weeks I will catch up with some talks videos, something that I always use to do, but this year I'll make the list public, so people can see in what I'm interested in, and hopefully will help someone.

Network & protocols

HTTP/3 for everyone, by Curl creator about HTTP3&QUIC

The ultimate guide to HTTP resource prioritization by Robin Marx

SCION: Future internet that you can use today by Kamila Součková&Mateusz Kowalski

SWIM - Protocol to Build a Cluster by Vladislav Shpilevoy

Making & Breaking Matrix's E2E encryption by Matthew Hodgson

Fundamental Technologies We Need to Work on for Cloud-Native Networking by Magnus Karlsson

The hairy issue of e2e encryption in instant messaging by Winfried Tilanus

Identity Box: Decentralized Web of the Future by Marcin Czenko

Decentralizing OAuth2.0 in a post-GDPR world for full privacy and portability

Culture and personal behaviour

The Linux Kernel: We have to finish this thing one day, by Thorsten Leemhuis

How Containers and Kubernetes re-defined the GNU/Linux Operating System by Daniel Riek


TinyGo on microcontrollers and WebAssembly by Ron Evans

The State of Go by Francesc Campoy, Maartje Eyskens

Functional Programming with Go by Dylan Meeus

From Go to Kubernetes CRDs and Back by Stefan Schimanski

Deterministic debugging with Delve by Derek Parker

Advanced debugging techniques of Go code by Andrii Soldatenko

Speed up the monolith: building a smart reverse proxy in Go by Alessio Caiazza

Linux and friends

Address Space Isolation in the Linux Kernel by James Bottomley and Mike Rapoport

Fixing the Kubernetes clusterfuck by Kris Nova

Tools and mechanisms to debug BPF programs by Quentin Monnet

Debugging apps running in Kubernetes by Jeff Knurek

Skydive A real time network topology and protocols analyzer by Sylvain Baubeau and Sylvain Afchain

Endless Network Programming − An Update from eBPF Land by Quentin Monnet

Replacing iptables with eBPF in Kubernetes with Cilium by Michal Rostecki

Fast QUIC sockets for cloud networking by Nathan Skrzypczak and Aloys Augustin

Falco Internals 101 : Syscalls processing for security analysis by Lorenzo Fontana

Docker Security considerations & Incident Analysis by John Lionis

Protecting plaintext secrets in configuration files by Moisés Guimarães

Kernel Runtime Security Instrumentation by Florent Revest

How secure is your build/server? a story of packages and trust by Patrick Debois

Welcome to KernelCI by Guillaume Tucker

How to measure Linux Performance Wrong by Peter Zaitsev

Supervising and emulating syscalls by Christian Brauner

BPF as a revolutionary technology for the container landscape by Daniel Borkmann

Programming && ops

Writing Go(od) Tests by Nikki Attea

Boosting Python with Rust by Raphaël Gomès

Introducing HTTPX by Tom Christie

Testing, releasing and deploying Tekton with Tekton by Andrea Frittoli, Vincent Demeester

Precise, cross-project code navigation at GitHub scale by Douglas Creager

Distributed Tracing for beginners by Juraci Paixão

Grafana: Successfully correlate metrics, logs, and traces by Andrej Ocenas

Container Live Migration by Adrian Reber

Minimalistic typed Lua is here by Hisham Muhammad

RaptorJIT: a fast, dynamic systems programming language by Max Rottenkolber


Continuous Integration for Open Hardware Projects by Mario Behling

Open Source Hardware for Industrial use by Tsvetan Usunov

FOSDEM Video Box by Mark Van den Borre, Luc Verhaegen and Gerry Demaret

Discover the New Firefox Profiler by Nazım Can Altınova

Facilitating distributed deterministic computation with WASI by Jakub Konka

Fixing healthcare data exchange with decentralized FOSS by Steven van der Vegt

Modern VoIP in Modern Infrastructures by Giacomo Vacca

Hope it helps!

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