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Fosdem 2021 review


As every year, the first week of February, Fosdem took place. The conference was online for the first time, and I think that we all missed the rain and the snow.

I really enjoyed the conference; it was not the same; also, it was hard to get time over the weekend to see the talks. Online conferences should rethink a bit the schedules, but overall I'm more than happy with the result!

As usual, I went to multiple talks. This year, the talk that I most enjoyed was the one given by Nuritzi Sanchez, she showed a different way to think about communication and how to build trust with other cultures, from now on, I'm going to share with many people [slides].

Regarding other topics, quite impressed by the Ernax project and ARM Veracruz, this technology will be crucial in the next couple of years, and I think this will change how Edge Computing will behave.

Regarding containers, I highly recommend the talk by my former colleague Daniel Borkmann, impressive work made by Cilium team. Viktor Farcic made an excellent presentation about Argo CD, also recommend his Youtube channel. Another famous Youtuber, David McKay, made two talks, I enjoyed Cluster API one, and the Telegraph one is worth to listen.

Peter Zaitsev made many talks, this one about performance testing has very good tips, I'll keep in my bookmarks for the future, a lot of good things there.

Brad Fitzpatrick background is unachievable, and he shared how Tailscale is using Golang. I loved Tailscale, and maybe I'm biased, but I found very interesting the problems regarding Golang net.IP types.

Finally, this was my Fosdem, and I'm so thankful to all organisers to keep the level so high! Thanks for always giving a weekend of joy!


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