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What I wish my Telecom operator offer me


Last week I was on a call with my internet provider, and surprisingly the agent started to offer me a revolutionary product, "health insurance", yes it was my telecom provider.

I understand why this happens; company boards want to diversify the cash flow of revenue, which is a way to increase revenue differently. Sadly, they are looking for new products instead of growing their customer fidelity with better solutions. In my opinion, this is a list of solutions where I think someone will pay more:

Such offerings like insurance or alarms are a faster way of revenue (In the end, it is just enabling your commercial power). Still, it's not a good strategic position. They are investing heavily in acquiring new customers to lower customer attrition. Telecoms are data pipelines where no value is added in their area of expertise, so end-users cannot benefit from it.

I wish that someone took a position that thinks that each house has a device powerful enough that it's able to do more things than routing packages. If that does not happen, telecoms will lose portions of their revenue, as it happens now with Cloud Hyperscalers, Netflix and some other friends.


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