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Thursday 23-03-2023
On promotion: Lessons learned along the way
Saturday 04-02-2023
Unlocking Fiber Deployment in the town council: A Citizen's Journey of Using Data
Sunday 25-12-2022
Embedded Rust katas in A Industriosa
Sunday 20-11-2022
Make your Golang project more secure with a few simple tools
Thursday 17-11-2022
What I wish my Telecom operator offer me
Thursday 27-10-2022
On Agassi's biography
Thursday 15-09-2022
Speaking at Pulpocon 2022 about Edge Computing
Wednesday 03-11-2021
Os proxectos de fibra Óptica en Galicia
Thursday 18-02-2021
Fosdem 2021 review
Tuesday 19-01-2021
A smooth move to 4G using Linux
Tuesday 19-01-2021
Envoy WASM debugging with BPFtrace
Wednesday 05-02-2020
My Fosdem 2020 review list of talks
Tuesday 15-10-2019
Kubernetes Network Policies talk at AtlanticaConf19
Tuesday 15-10-2019
Propostas a Vigotech
Monday 26-08-2019
Proyecto Morriña e o dramita de colaborar con empresas
Saturday 02-02-2019
JQ functions, modules and dotfiles tips
Sunday 06-01-2019
Six years working remotely, the good and the bad
Monday 02-07-2018
Jenkins Slides from my VigoJug meetup
Thursday 14-12-2017
Perseguir un soño e que se convirte nunha trampa.
Tuesday 29-08-2017
Terraform recipes to test Cilium on Kubernetes
Monday 31-07-2017
España, o paraíso dos bocachanclas
Thursday 29-06-2017
PyDay Galicia 2017: How to write better logs.
Monday 19-06-2017
How Vigo Council migrate to Linux
Thursday 09-02-2017
Fosdem 2017 review
Wednesday 25-01-2017
Postgresql Talk in the PHPVigo meetup
Thursday 29-12-2016
O fracaso do MediaLab "A Industriosa"
Monday 12-12-2016
Estase a converter Vigo nunha potencia tecnolóxica do mar?
Saturday 17-09-2016
Pycon Galicia 2016 talk
Tuesday 26-07-2016
Why Tesla should build the European factory in Vigo?
Tuesday 05-07-2016
Using Jenkins Pipelines to deploy terraform
Monday 20-06-2016
My review of Hashiconf Europe 16
Friday 25-03-2016
Resume persoal da hackathon Sanjurjo Badía
Thursday 29-10-2015
Voip talk at Librecon 2015
Friday 24-07-2015
How can I monitor my Voip Application?
Wednesday 17-06-2015
Kamialio World 2015
Wednesday 27-05-2015
My thoughts about CGRates
Friday 08-05-2015
Acelerate your Ansible playbooks with async tasks
Thursday 16-04-2015
Statsd talk at Python Vigo Meetup
Thursday 19-03-2015
Kamailio from tables to htables
Monday 16-03-2015
Kamailio statsd explained
Tuesday 10-02-2015
My first issue with Airbnb
Wednesday 10-12-2014
Dockercon Europe 14
Wednesday 19-11-2014
Ansible: how to maintain multiple ssh-keys in different servers
Friday 14-11-2014
Hablando de Docker en betabeers Galicia
Wednesday 22-10-2014
Asterisk 11 hangups handlers
Wednesday 22-10-2014
Kamailio statsd, better statistics in your voip platform.
Tuesday 03-06-2014
trick and tips en ansible
Saturday 05-04-2014
Politicas de seguridad en Kamailio
Friday 30-08-2013
Haciendo test con sipp sin morir en el intento
Friday 10-05-2013
Integrando hubot con nuestro servicio xmpp
Sunday 28-04-2013
Spring Hackaton London
Wednesday 10-04-2013
sistemas de colas basado en redis en kamailio
Friday 15-03-2013
Notificaciones de Github mediante XMPP.
Wednesday 28-11-2012
Para hacerlo mal, mejor no hacerlo
Monday 01-10-2012
La aventura de marcharche al Google Campus