Eloy Coto

Technology enthusiast, developer advocate and open-source supported.

About me

Hey, I'm Eloy, a software developer based in Galicia (north-west of Spain). Over the last years, I'm working on multiple software projects mainly related to real-time apps and VoIP. I'm familiar with, and hugely supported of, the DevOps culture and how to make it work in the team that I'm working with. Moreover, I am a proud contributor of multiple open source projects.


My real passion from the college. Love to work with this OS, escalate and create apps on top of it.


Simple and powerful with awesome libraries on top of it. The base of almost all my apps.


From SIP towards Webrtc using Asterisk, Kamailio and Freeswitch since 2008.


A programming language in the middle of C and Python. Really enjoy to using in high concurrency projects.


Dealing with infrastructure is fun. Love to make new things using new tools like Docker, Consul or Kubernetes.


Spend less time in repetitive tasks is my priority. Love to use tools like AWS, Terraform, Jenkins to avoid to do boring things.

Open-source contributions

  • Containers
    • cilium: Linux-native network security
  • DevOps
  • Misc
  • VoIP
  • Experience

    • Foehn(Jan 2013 - Sep 2017) Software Developer & DevOps
    • Webphone(Nov 2011 - Jan 2013) Voip Developer
    • Quobis(April 2008 - Juni 2011) Voip Developer


    • A Industriosa(Jan 2017) Founder of the first medialab in Vigo.
    • Vigolabs(Jan 2015-Ongoing) Founder of the longest meetup in the city. Related with IoT and Industrial technology.
    • Hackathon Sanjurjo Badía(Feb 2015) Organiser, with 130 atteendes around Marine technology.
    • HackVG(Jan 2014) Organiser, with 30 atteendes
    • Rally Serra da groba(Nov 2011) North-west rally championship. Organiser of all service park (20K atteendes)
    • Subida a Vigo(Sep 2007) North-west high-climp championship. Organiser