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Statsd talk at Python Vigo Meetup

I had the luck to give a talk to the Python Vigo community. The topic was about how to measure our python applications with few lines of code.

As you know I love statsd, so I spoke about statsd data types, InfluxDB database and Grafana as dashboard.

I wrote a ...

Kamailio statsd explained

I remember when I heard about graphite/statsd. It was late of 2012 in the Python London Group. Few weeks before I read Lean Startup and I learnt to measure all the things to improve our business.

In early 2013 I started to use graphite. I tracked all logins, custom ...

I remember when I read about Graphite. I was reading that Vimeo used it for making realtime monitoring in their projects and reporting for all the team. I got a chance to test with my local apps and after a few days I started to love graphite.

I start to ...